Grail Sports Inc Revolutionizes Tennis with Its New 8Board Training Device

The 8Board can dramatically improve any tennis player’s strokes in record time, by improving balance, coordination and ingraining proper muscle memory. The original, patented 8Board until now, has been employed only by pros, top Juniors and national college champions.

Carlsbad, California (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

The 8Board invented by tennis coaches Jack Broudy and Paul Mayberry, has been used over the past ten years by many of today’s premiere young athletes. Former Wake Forest All American and #1 U.S. Junior, Steven Forman credited the 8Board for much of his success. Forman confessed “the 8Board gave me an unfair advantage over my opponents. It helped me to learn and groove all my strokes and was great for warming up before my matches.”

[highlight] The 8 Board is the best tennis training device I’ve ever seen! – Nick Bollettieri [/highlight]

gI_87083_8b-WHT-sm_webBroudy and the 8Board were instrumental in developing many of today’s top American tennis players, including Sam Querrey, Steve Forman and Steve Johnson. Broudy and Mayberry have also done extensive work with top tennis academies World-wide and NCAA record setting coach, Peter Smith and his winning USC tennis teams, NCAA Champions 2009-2012.

According to Broudy, “the 8Board utilizes the patented double-swivel to develop a “figure 8” motion in the hips, that then expands out to the arms that creates effortless power, as seen in game of Roger Federer. It works on the same geometric principles and science that illuminate the motion of a bullwhip cracking.”

The 8Board is available at http://www.8board.com for 119.95 including free shipping in the U.S. It is the state of the art for all athletes and coaches wanting to excel in their sport. Broudy contends that the 8Board “is essential for any person who wants to feel, move and play like a real player with natural looking, powerful and consistent strokes.”

8Board Training is beneficial for virtually all Sports, General Fitness and Rehabilitation. It is the contention of Grail Sports that body mechanics of the best athletes in the World begin at the core and transfer out to the arms and legs. The 8board is the only training device that can help anyone develop and ingrain the proper “figure 8” body rotation, dynamic balance, efficient and aesthetically pleasing tennis strokes with minimal daily use.

Grail Sports, Inc. was founded in Carlsbad, CA in 2000 by professional tennis coaches, Jack Broudy and Paul Mayberry. The company mission is to provide state-of-the-art training devices, education and exercise programs to improve balance, coordination and flexibility among athletes, non-athletes, injured and amputees. Their innovative, patented 8Board device helps people of any age and physical ability master the “figure 8” motion proven to help the body perform both mentally and physically at its peak. For more information, visit http://www.grailsports.com

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