Become a Better Writer in a Weekend – So Cal Writers’ Conference, San Diego – Feb 13-16, 2015

With over 50 sessions taught by noted, professional authors, writers can significantly improve their skills in a weekend instead of years in a creative writing school. Early “Bard” discount ends 12/31/14 and classes benefit writers of all genres: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoir, Science Fiction, Mystery, Women’s Fiction, Self-Help, Horror, Fantasy, Humor, and more.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 14, 2014

Regardless which path to publication an author is pursuing, craft matters.” – Michael Steven Gregory, Executive Director, SCWC

The Southern California Writers Conference (SCWC) hits San Diego Presidents’ Day Weekend, February 13 – 16, 2015, seeking writers ready to take their writing to the next level. The SCWC boasts a lengthy list of past attendees who are now successful and best-selling authors, having facilitated over $4 million in first-time authors’ book and screen deals over the past 28 years. For those with an idea for a book, this premiere conference’s pro staff teaches both novices and accomplished writers how to write their best book, and how to publish and market it. This conference, held annually at the San Diego Crowne Plaza Hotel at 2270 Hotel Circle North, has been known to sell-out, so writers are recommended to sign-up for early bird registration by December 31, 2014, to secure a place and receive their “Early Bard” discount.

Writers from around the world attend this unique conference, held twice annually in San Diego and Orange County, CA, and it is widely considered among the premiere writers’ conferences in the U.S.

The SCWC focuses on the art, craft and business of getting published in today’s dynamic market through dozens of interactive, informational and read and critique workshops. Its primary focus, however, remains on crafting quality stories.

Executive director Michael Steven Gregory, an accomplished writer and filmmaker, attributes much of the SCWC’s success to its vibrant sense of community. He explains, “Many aspiring authors work in isolation and don’t get the necessary feedback from empirically qualified professionals on what’s not working in their material, let alone how to fix it. Consequently, they’re doomed to repeat mistakes and fall into a cycle of rejection. The SCWC’s aim is to help writers break that cycle of rejection by providing access to a greater writing community and troubleshooting problematic aspects in material, making crucialsouthern California writers conference publishing connections, understanding the latest trends in the business and improving their odds of being successfully published.”

Book deals of past conferences include Stacey O’Brien’s internationally best-selling memoir Wesley the Owl (Simon & Schuster), Darlene Quinn’s award-winning Webs of Power, Twisted Webs, Webs of Fate, Unpredictable Webs and the upcoming Conflicting Webs (Greenleaf Book Group), Home Sweet Anywhere (Sourcebooks), and The Disposables (Oceanview), among many others listed at http://www.writersconference.com.

With over 50 day and nighttime sessions, workshop leaders and speakers for the February conference include such best-selling authors as David Putnam (The Disposables), Kathy Aarons (Death is Like a Box of Chocolates), Bethany Lopez (42 Hours), T. Greenwood (The Forever Bridge) and others in a variety of fiction and nonfiction genres, as well as agents and editors actively seeking new clients.

Exclusive to SCWC is StoryCore: Building the Better Book (http://writersconference.com/sd/storycore-building-the-better-book/), an interactive 2-day, 8-hour workshop intensive geared towards writers of all levels, intent on elevating their novels or works of narrative nonfiction to the level required to successfully compete in today’s publishing world.

Executive Director Michael Steve Gregory urges writers, “Aim for excellence. Settle only for exceptional. Do not aspire to mediocrity because ‘good enough’ simply ain’t. Not anymore. If you want to succeed as an author today, respect the expectations of the reader–be it an agent, acquisitions editor, or book-buying reader–and deliver on expectations roused.” Concluded Gregory, “While many writers learn what they most need to become accomplished authors at the SCWC, the fact remains, regardless which path to publication an author is pursuing, craft matters.”

The cost of the full, three-day conference, including workshops, speakers, and Saturday evening dinner reception, is only $425 (pre-registration discount available) and just $350 for Saturday and Sunday only. To become the writer you aspire to be in 2015, register here (http://writersconference.com/sd/registration/).

For additional information on the Southern California Writers’ Conference at the San Diego Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2270 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, contact Michael Steven Gregory at (619) 303-8185 or email him at msg (at) WritersConference (dot) com. Or visit the SCWC online at http://www.writersconference.com.

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