Award Winning Mystic Ink Publishing Has the Black Cat That Makes Things “Go Bump In The Night”

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San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 06, 2014

Mystic Ink’s new supernatural thriller Eye of the Predator is now available through major online retailers, including Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Overdrive, Flipkart, Baker & Taylor, Page Foundry, and Android eBook store apps for Cricket Wireless and Asus. Kobo also powers multiple eBook retailers around the world with more on the way.

Eye of the Predator is the story of Erik Simpson, a brilliant young zoologist who has no memory of his life before the age of sixteen. Trained by his aging foster father, a world renowned zoologist, Erik astounds his colleagues with his insights into animal behavior. As his thirtieth birthday approaches, Erik has a recurring dream of stumbling through the Amazon jungle, hunted by a black jaguar. One night he dreams of the hunt, first as an observer, then as the jaguar itself on the prowl in California’s High Sierras where he comes upon campers and mauls them in a savage frenzy. The next day he receives a call from the National Park Service asking for assistance investigating a bizarre animal attack. When he goes to the camp site, he recognizes it from his dream and tells the authorities that it was a jaguar, and shows them precisely how it happened. His quest for the truth leads him into a murky world of magical plants and ancient shamanic rituals that ultimately bring him face to face with the enigmatic mystery of his past.

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Mystic Ink has award-winning short horror stories and dark thriller novels are sure to keep fans of the horror genre up into the wee hours for the upcoming “Season of the Witch” with supernatural tales guaranteed to take readers in unexpected digI_149347_book head ocelotrections and dimensions. Among them are author Matthew J. Pallamary’s second short story collection, A Short Walk to the Other Side, the long awaited follow-up to The Small Dark Room of the Soul, and DreamLand, a hi-tech haunted house story.

DreamLand is fueled by breakthroughs in technology and neuroscience, where the terminally ill, while in an induced slumber, in a medically supervised environment, can literally dream their lives away in preprogrammed situations of their choosing, controlled by a super computer. It’s well-meaning creators plan to conquer the stigma of death by making its wonders available to all, so people can die in vivid, pre-programmed dream surroundings, reliving blissful moments from their past. All goes according to plan until the dream of DreamLand is shattered by a profit-seeking backer who plans to make the miracle of programmed dreaming into the ultimate theme park.

Other Mystic Ink books have won the following awards:

International Book Award – 1st Place – Nonfiction New Age – The Infinity Zone
San Diego Book Award – Award Winning Finalist – The Infinity Zone
National Best Book Awards – Award Winning Finalist – Spirit Matters
San Diego Book Award – Best Spiritual Book – Spirit Matters
San Diego Book Award – Land Without Evil
International Book Award Finalist – A Short Walk to the Other Side

Land Without Evil a historical novel about first contact between Jesuits and Indians in South America was adapted into a full-length stage and sky show, directed by Agent Red, and performed by Sky Candy, an Austin Texas aerial group. The making of the show was the subject of a PBS series, Arts in Context episode, which garnered an EMMY nomination. Land Without Evil is in development as a feature film.

Mystic Ink’s titles have also won the acclaim of noted writers, among them Ray Bradbury, Charles Champlin – L.A. Times Critic Emeritus, Charles M. Schulz, Barnaby Conrad, Victor Villasenor, David Brin, and noted psychologist Stanley Krippner.

Mystic Ink Publishing is an independent publisher focusing on spiritual, shamanic, and consciousness expanding works as well as dramatic works of supernatural, horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

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